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Termites are the number #1 single, greatest THREAT to that home!
Termites have existed for millions of years.  They cause more damage to the wooden structure of a home or building than fire, hurricane and storms combined in the United States, causing billions of dollars yearly to Americans.
Termites can be difficult to detect, since they bore through wood lengthwise, which can leave little to no evidence for a long period of time, this weakens or even destroys the structure.   If they are undiscovered and are left untreated, termites can and will completely destroy any wooden structure in their path. 
There are different types of termites.   They live and work in a social colony, yet each group is assigned a specific job within this colony, which functions as a single entity.  The average termite can live for longer than one year, but in a larger nest, the Queen and King termite can live up to 10-15 years.
The Queen termite’s main function is to constantly lay eggs and as she age’s, is capable of laying roughly one egg for every 15 seconds of her entire life, or  as many as 2,000 new eggs daily.  There can be more than one Queen termite within the same colony, also laying eggs. 
Wood is not a termite’s only source of food.  They feed on anything that contains cellulose, such as paper or books.  
Subterranean termites are mostly found in the Southeastern portion of the United States and are considered the most destructive of all types of termites. They are also found in all other states, except Alaska.
Swarming termites are visible, when groups of them are leaving one colony and are starting a new nest somewhere else.  The King and Queen termites would go with them to do this. This would occur during the summer and fall months of the year.  Swarming termites can not only be in your home, but very possibly be in a neighbor’s home, close by.  These types of termites also could possibly be starting a new nest in a nearby tree. 
To make matters worse, there is the possibility that swarming termites could even be leaving an existing colony already established in your home that you are unaware of. The best course of action for a homeowner that may see swarming termites, would be to call a qualified pest control company quickly, to investigate your home, before the damage becomes extensive. 
Complete Pest Management, Inc. is proud to be trained and certified as Termidor Professionals.   In order to treat your home with Termidor Termiticide, the technician must complete and pass the Termidor training exam.  Our technicians have achieved and earned the official certification by BASF to use and apply Termidor Termiticide.   
We will come out to your home or business, perform a complete and through inspection of the building.  A detailed inspection would include the determination of the type of foundation/ construction of your home, identify if any termite infestation was currently present and any possible points of entry for termites. We would then inform the customer of our findings and recommend the necessary action to correct the problem.  Call us today to schedule a FREE estimate.
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